Madison Citizen’s Advisory Commitee Announced

After nearly a month and a half, FWP announced today the members of the Madison River Recreation Management Planning process Citizen’s Advisory Committee.

They are:

Robin Cunningham
John Way
Joe Dilschneider
Bob Gibson
Joe Fontaine
Lee McKenna
Philip Naro

From discussions with FWP staff and Montana Governor Schweitzer’s appointments secretary, I understand that FWP sent a list of 12-14 applicants to the governor, and he cut the list to seven.

Our first meeting is May 30 at FWP’s Region 3 HQ in Bozeman. The discussions will be managed by Missoula’s experienced facilitator Virginia ‘Ginny’ Tribe. I worked with Ginny when we set up the River Recreation Management Planning rules in 2004.

I plan on reporting regularly via this blog on the progress of the group. As usual, stay tuned.

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2 Responses to Madison Citizen’s Advisory Commitee Announced

  1. John Juracek says:

    It is unbelievable to me (well, knowing the State of Montana, it actually is believable) that there is no representation from West Yellowstone on the CAC. Considering that a very substantial amount of the traffic on the Madison originates from West—commercial and otherwise—a representative from that community should have been considered essential. But then again, this is Montana. Living here requires frequent suspension of belief in the machinations of government.

    • Robin says:


      I’m puzzled, too, with the pared-down selection for the Madison CAC. I understand efficiency, but not at the cost of adequate representation. However, those on the CAC will do our best to represent all points of view.

      On that note, that’s why the FOAM held a series of meetings with our members from Ennis and W.Yellowstone several months back and agreed to have a ‘backup’ committee of members attend CAC meetings when they could to monitor the discussions and offer germaine comments as needed, either during the public comment periods or through brief caucus sessions with the various representatives on the committee for presentation to the CAC as a whole.